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About Us

Foundation of our success story…
Located in Dubai; the ever-pulsing heart of the international real estate market, Luxbridge International Realty is a prestigious real estate agency led by a dynamic executive team with over a decade of thriving experience and acclaimed success in property sales, new development marketing, leasing, and property management services. Innovative, experienced, and built on strong business principles, Luxbridge International Realty is perfectly poised to deliver vivid results in today's relentlessly changing real estate market.

“Our business is beyond properties, our business is people.”

Luxbridge International Realty approach is all-encompassing yet remarkably simple; we dedicate equal attention and resources to every sale, buy or lease while striving to add value to our client’s projects by creating new business opportunities. We recognize that the common thread in each and every real estate transaction is a client with different needs: exceptional customer service, professional guidance throughout the process, the expertise of local and international markets, and transparency of information.

Luxbridge International Realty embraces these needs and works diligently to cater to them on every level of its business. Understanding that each transaction is different, we continually develop new and innovative methods and approaches to ensure the best possible results are achieved for all our clients. While we are an absolutely results-driven agency, these results do not come at the cost of honesty, integrity, exceptional service, and customer care.
Our Mission

Our Mission

To generate rewarding agreements, within a framework of professionalism and objectivity, while maintaining reliability and confidentiality throughout the process.
Our Vision

Our Vision

 To become the preferred choice for customers who want the finest of services.


For Buyers

To enhance our clients’ personalized experience providing them with the right tools for the purpose of future investment with unbiased advice, and specialists for each area.

For Sellers

Each transaction is different, every homeowner wants the same thing – the best possible price with the least amount of hassle. Luxbridge International Realty has a team dedicated exclusively to assisting homeowners painstakingly through the home-selling process and to marketing the property to get the highest possible price in the shortest period of time.

Message from the CEO

Having an from economic background, It has always been my passion to help people make a right choice when it comes to long term investment.
Just like any investment Real estate markets fluctuate, and it pays to be aware of up-to-date trends; risks include delays, increased costs, and the unknowns of a newly-developed projects while existing properties offer convenience, faster access, established improvements.
With 9 years of experience in the Market i have tailored a structure that can help client make the right choice.
I've developed key insights into the real estate market's distinct dynamics. This wealth of knowledge allows me to foresee and navigate through potential pitfalls, turning obstacles into opportunities for our clients.
These insights are not just limited to selecting the right property, but extend to identifying the optimal time to enter and exit the market, ensuring maximized returns on your investments.
Finally, being in the field for nearly a decade, I have honed my skills to understand client needs precisely. I ensure each investment decision is tailor-made, reflecting your unique financial objectives and lifestyle aspirations..
John Spinu
Message from the CEO